Monday, July 31, 2006

Very little sleep was had, many shows were seen, many pictures taken. Got to see some old friends and made some new ones. More details to come later, with photos. I'm anxious to go to a Remainders rehearsal. I learned a lot from Baby Wants Candy, and am really looking forward to applying it. Also, and I know y'all are probably sick of his name, but I figured out why I love Jack McB so much. Yes, he makes incredible choices. Yes, he has a wide array of knowledge. But really, it all comes down to commitment. He makes a choice and commits to it. Not in a theatrical way, but more of a film way. What I mean is, he has huge reactions to things, but not in a characiturish way. He doesn't comment on his characters through his actions. He really *is* them.

Well, there will be more later when I've had a chance to get back into the swing of things. The first night in NYC, I was too excited to sleep. Oh, and my plane was 1.5 hours late. So we didn't get back to zha's place until almost 2. But then I was too wired. Luckily, it was only 11 in Cali, and Buol was up. That's when the surfing discussion took place. Last night I didn't go to sleep, but that was out of necessity. The shuttle bus picked me up for the airport at 4 (even though they said 3. I could have had another delicious milkshake from Tick Tock Diner. *grumble*) I dozed a little on the planes, but didn't really sleep sleep until I got home. Took about a 5 hour nap, and I'm heading to bed now.

My clothes are damp from the rain and humidity, and everything smells like gross cigarette smoke. I washed 9 pounds of New York filth off of me this afternoon, and am oh so happy to be back. NY was fun and all, but i could never live there. Getting randomly dripped on from ac units 25 stories up was too much for my germaphobic self to handle. I washed my hands about every 10 minutes. Too dirty for my taste. And too humid. And too cold in the winters. But I had fun and got to see neat things and perform with Nanna on broadway! Oh, and my one celebrity siting was Moby. OK, seriously, bed before I get into any stories!

Friday, July 28, 2006

at the apple store on 5th avenue. nanna and i have already done a show on broadway and were almost sprayed w/ fertilizer. i meet Jack McBrayer tonight!!!

Foxy Boy is going surfing with me in a couple of weeks!

life is good. nyc is muggy and smelly and big and i'm loving it.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Last night's dream:

Dozens of people were kidnapped (including myself) and shipped to these islands in the middle of the ocean. The secret lair for the bad guys. When I say "shipped", I mean we were transported on this huge tanker that went really fast and could stop suddenly. I remember thinking as we were coming into the dock, "holy crap, we're going to crash and fly off this thing". But we whipped around like a stunt car parallel parking. We were ushered off the tanker and taken through the jungle until we got to this facility not unlike the one in Jurassic Park. We lined up for a buffet. Renée (sorry I haven't figured out the accent mark*) was standing next to me and said, "Just because we're kidnapped doesn't mean we have to eat like this." She started scrounging around for food and supplies and whips up this amazing...meal isn't the right word. It was something that you'd find in a really swanky restaurant or on a cruise ship. (p.s. she's a chef in real life) The awesome thing was that the kidnappers were so blown away by this edible art she had created that we were able to sneak everyone off the island and swim away. I was happy to escape, but unreasonably upset that I didn't get any of that food.

*edit ok, I've applied the comment. now i just hope i've accented the right "e"

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

what a day. i've been up and down the 72 stairs in my building 3 times already. as soon as i got outside the door near my desk, i realized i left my badge in my car. cassy let me in so i could dump my water jug and purse before heading back out. then, as i sat down to process, i realized i had also left my ipod in my car. there is no way i could work for 9 hours in silence. i would go crazy. so i ran back outside and back up to the 2nd floor of the parking garage. luckily, i will not have to go to the gym today.

today i've decided to listen to Frou Frou: Psychobabble. probably for all 9 hours. on the up side, we're having a pizza party. which is wonderful b/c: a) pizza is my favorite, and b) i forgot my lunch.

NYC tomorrow night!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

i haven't been home since 6:30 this morning. and it's thundering, so it will be hard for me to sleep. had an audition of sorts tonight. it's for a project that i think is really important and i'd be completely honored if i could be a part of it. plus, i would get to work with my candy again. that would be three shows in three years. not bad. anyway, if this play gets selected to go up (it's not a done deal yet), i'm in. which is awesome. and i would get paid. actual money. which is awesomer. if i wasn't so dang tired, i would be much more excited about it. but i am so i'm not. now i'm gonna go climb up into my bed and hide from the loud noises. for 5 hours...then start all over again.

well, at least tomorrow is my last long day.

I was blessed with a decent amount of brain power...however, little common sense. When filling a 64 oz water jug, I have recently found that it is unwise to push down on the open bottle to get the air bubbles to come to the top. The water will tend to spill all down your front and onto your shoes.

Monday, July 24, 2006


mac 'n' cheese made w/ vanilla soy milk is only tasty if you have enough
fresh garlic to overpower everything else.

luckily, I do.

Small World Syndrome

When I was in the 3rd grade, my parents sent me to Camp Emmanuel. It was a camp with hearing impaired kids. I learned how to sign a little, but never kept up with it, although it always interested me. There was a boy, Ryan Smith, who I had a crush on. He was a year older than me and I'm pretty sure didn't know I existed. I never did anything about it, but occasionally wondered whatever happened to him as I was growing up.

When I was in college, I was friends with Brian L (I'm not even going to attempt to spell his last name), who was a Latin major. He was the bassist for the Spoo Monkeys. I went to a couple of their shows, and ended up becoming friends with the other two members, Phil and Ryan. Ryan and I started hanging out more often. At one point, I went over to his house (he was living @ home) to watch a movie. We watched in his brother's room b/c that had a working dvd player. Ryan turned off the CC option.

"Why was the CC on?"
"My brother is deaf."
"Wait a minute. Ryan Smith?! Did you go to Camp Emmanuel in the 4th grade?"
"Yeah, how the hell did you know that?"
"Because I went there and had the biggest crush on you! And now we are making out. 14 years later. Can you believe it?!"

(interestingly enough, I lost interest after that)


This weekend at our show in Casa Grande, we were randomly talking about Tommy Cannon graduating from Ironwood high school 1996. I have no idea how that conversation came up. Anyway, Ironwood happens to be where my cousin, Eric, and his best friends Joe and Sarah went. And graduated from in '96. So I asked Tommy if he knew them. You betcha. In fact, he was in drama w/ Joe for 4 years.


I am very picky about my myspace friends. Other than bands I like and "Pam", I physically know all but 3 people. At PIF I was discussing this fact with a new friend I had just added. I specifically mentioned Scott Allen Curry. I don't remember how I found him on myspace, but he had this great gothic pic of Harry, Hermione, and Ron, so I added him as a friend and we sent maybe two emails back and forth. But it had been months and months since we corresponded, and I had all but forgotten about him. Then, not two hours after that conversation, I'm in the VIAD and look outside. Scott Allen Curry is standing there with a troupe from SLC! Later than night, he's putting lip gloss on. He had torn off the wrapping, but I instantly recognized the Bonne Belle tube. I was too far away to smell anything, but I figured I'd take a gander.

"Is that VaVaVanilla?" Of course it was.


Very small world, indeed.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

I was talking with Hagrid tonight about last night's show. After a bit of a rant, I mentioned that I should blog about it.

"Well, that would be a first. Instead of surfing and perfect teeth and gym hotties."

So, suck it, Ken. Here comes my rant.

The show Saturday was good. I had this fantastic moment with Jeff when we were singing backup for Mack. We were doing a chorus, and had been quiet for a while as Mack was singing a verse. Then, at the same time, using a slightly different variation, we sang the exact same thing, in harmony. That what I love about improv. It's magical for the audience, but it's magical for the players as well.

The show was tighter than we've had in the past. It felt good. Garret (sp?) was singing one of the songs as he was cleaning up. I can't tell you how cool that was. To have a song we made up get stuck in someone's head.

I fucking love improv. I'm sorry, but there's just no other way to say it. I love everything about it. I love the discovery, the creativity. I love The Remainders and The Tommies and KsomeA. I'm really enjoying the work Ken and I are doing. And I don't even care if we ever do it in front of an audience. I mean, we eventually will. But if for some reason it never happens, the rehearsing we've been doing has been so satisfying to me. I think the main reason why I was so heartbroken over the telecommuting thing was that I'd really gotten excited about furthering my training at IO. I'm at a point in my work where I want to bring in other viewpoints. Get other experience. Become a better player. To just do it more! I'm still a bit timid and unsure of myself. I don't take big enough risks. Ben and Dustin are immersed in the improv world in LA. Ben is studying with 3 different places, for crying out loud. Jealous? Yeah, I am a little. But, I will wait. When the time is right, everthing will work itself out. Meanwhile, I guess I'll just have to cool my heels at the effing Del Close Marathon! Then the Toronto International Improv Fest. Then Out of Bounds. And in between, hopefully my home town.

Man, I have a lot of awesome on my plate, and I intend to enjoy every bity bite.

I loves me some Tom Lenk. More than words can express.

Friday, July 21, 2006

I'm leaving for Mack's party in a bit. But the thing I'm the most excited about? Finally wearing my swimsuit I bought last year. I haven't had occasion to wear it in full. I'm sure you all remember this, but my top hadn't come in yet. Now I have the full suit and can wear it out. It's the little things that make me happy!

As some of you may know, I am a tad competitive. During my training, there was another person in the class, Todd, who's even more competitive than me. Well, b/c his job was slightly different than mine, he didn't have to process as long. Processing brings down your score. Today Tina (our trainer) had her final meeting and I'm officially released from audit. Also, my overall score, including all of the processing, was .6 higher than Todd's. Sweet!!

And so begins my long work days. I've been here since 6:30. Yuck. They don't know where I'm going at the moment, as there aren't enough claims to process. So right now I'm doing crap projects to keep me busy. Which is fine, b/c I get to listen to my music all day. But 10 hours of typing and folding letters is not my idea of a good time. I'm supposed to start processing student accident claims, but we won't know for sure if we get that business until Monday, and claims won't start rolling in until September. I'll be gone the last two weeks of August, and a couple of days at the end of this month for improv stuff, but they don't know what I'll be doing in the interim.

Mack is having a party tonight. That should be fun. I think I'm going to try to get a nap in between Latin impact w/ Michelle and driving to Carefree. Yup. Friday night napping. I'm loads of fun. But yea for midnight swimming.

Oh, tomorrow night is a fundraiser show for Galapagos/Remainders at the Paramount Theater in Casa Grande. Make the drive so we can pay for Toronto! Or just give us money. That works, too. :-)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Lately I've been having a can of tuna for lunch. I drain it with a special drainer I have, mix in some miricle whip lite, slap it on a wheat tortilla with some spinach, cheese, and a pickle, and go to town. Today as I was draining the water off of my tuna...well, you know how when you cut a grapefruit sometimes you get shot in the eye? OK, so picture that, only a fountain of nasty tuna juice squirts onto my forhead. The tiniest of drops gets in my hair.

And today of all days I dressed up a little for work. No reason. Just felt like wearing a skirt. This is the nicest I've looked in weeks.

And now I smell like tuna.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I love my gym. I think I'm going to start wearing my contacts to get the full effect. It is much easier to punish your arms when the scenery is delicious.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Wow, a whole evening to myself! I am taking a break from cleaning my room for a minute. This is very exciting. I haven't vacuumed since we moved in b/c my floor has been covered with stuff that I am now folding and putting away.

Also listening to Mitch Hedburg. I'm sad he died.

Bush, *search* party of three. You can eat when you find the Dufrenes.

My 10 year reunion is at the end of September.

I am old.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Dearest Remainders:

I will be going to the beach during our trip to L.A. Just wanted you to know. You are welcome to join me, but I will go alone if no one wants to come along. This will be my fourth trip to L.A. and i have yet to see the ocean. So, Sunday morning, before we come back to AZ, let's go to the Pacific.

Love always,
A very water-deprived Ashley

Happy Birthday Michael Cosand!

So this is the kind of day today is going to be:

I spent 5 minutes tearing my car up to find my badge. Contorting my body to look under the seats...only to realize I was already wearing it.

Then, as I'm logging on to our system, I did it too fast and am now disabled. I can't do any work until I'm re-enabled. But I can't get re-enabled until my supervisor calls California. I can't find my supervisor.

Oh, bother.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

I love the part in "The Matrix" where Cypher says to Neo "I know. Sometimes you wake up and ask Why didn't I take the blue pill". But that's not something Neo really thought. He could only ever take the red pill.

It wasn't that long ago that I sat in that chair and chose the red pill - except that Morpheus was actually Craig Cackowski.

~ Bill Binder

Thursday, July 13, 2006

So the Tommies show was fun. It wasn't dynomite or anything, but it was decent. We're all busy with various troupes and side projects, but we want to keep working together. I'm excited about that. Here are the boys I love:

Quote of the night:

"Did you take a second job as a flapper?"
-Mack Duncan

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

hot tamale!!

David took my hair in his fist and twisted it. I thought he was going to pin it up and start small. Nope. The man cut off what was in his hand. I literally gasped. I mean, I knew I was getting it cut...but I thought I'd be able to ease into it. Huh-uh.

Man, I haven't had it this short in 10 years. Wowza!

Off to The Tommies show.


dave matthews band has been on repeat on my ipod for a week: before these crowded streets, under the table and dreaming, and remember two things (live). the only song on 3 albums that i don't like is halloween. his voice is too scratchy.

also: i'm not a skirt-wearer. but there's something about freshly-shaven legs that makes me want to wear one. so i am. for Shaun Tubbs. I think he's in LA now.

I wonder what Mr. Mesko is up to these days. I was remembering people in h.s. I really liked but never talk to. He was my Latin teacher, and an all around swell guy. Hmmm...now that I'm thinking about it, Mr. Mesko was my all time favorite teacher. I had him for 3.5 years. In August when I'm in OH for a day, I might sneak away and drop in on his class. Yes, I will definitely do that! Now I'm all excited. I wonder if he still spits on the overhead to clean off his notes? That may be when my phobia of spittle started.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Miscellaneous Randomness

~Just saw "the head butt" from the world cup on you tube. Glorious. That could break your xyphoid process.

~Why am i not in bed? My hair is still wet. I have to leave for work in about 5 hours. But I'm not tired. Still kinda anxious...unsettled...lonely. Even though I'm surrounded by people. Yesterday I was asked what I've been up to, and I couldn't remember why I don't have more free time. Then I met Michelle for spinning and remembered, oh yeah, we go to the gym every freakin' day. Well, not every day. But more often than not. Yesterday, for instance, was cardio kickboxing. I've taken kickboxing before. I also have the Tae Bo tapes. It's fun and I enjoy it. Well, I have never taken a class quite like yesterday's. I have decided the only way to keep up with the INSANE instructor who is in ridiculously good shape, is to do speed. Lots and lots of speed. I, myself, have never done speed. But I can imagine that's what you need to get through this class. I was drenched head to toe. It was not sexy.

Speaking of sexy and the gym...are Michelle and I the only two females who go there to actually work out? Yes, there is a ridiculous amount of unspeakably hot guys at our gym, but are you really there to get a date? Because some of these girls...I don't know what they're thinking. They have cute little matching outfits. Their hair and makeup are perfect. I am in sweats--and they call them that for a reason--no make up, wet hair plastered to my sweaty head. Someone please explain that to me.

~Oh, and The Tommies are doing our show tomorrow night at the Trunk Space. Come check it out, fools! My hair will be different.

~heehee: my spell check wanted to replace "freakin'" with "foreskin".

Saturday, July 08, 2006

I'm feeling really weird. Anxious, almost. But right now I have to go get ready for my big concert tonight.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

So, I've got bad news about telecommuting...it's not gonna happen this year. The program is working so well that the four people at home are doing all of the work. They don't have enough claims to justify a fifth person going home. At the end of this quarter they are going to reassess their position, and I am number one on the list to telecommute. But it won't be for a while.

A main reason I want to work from home is that I don't necessarily want to live in L.A., but I want to study at IO West. I already had the email practically written that I was going to send my LA friends proposing a sweet deal. I would need a place to stay one night a week, they would get cash and a meal. I was even looking at surfboards on craig's list. As a planner, I had it all figured out. Drive up super early, surf all day, class at night, crash on couch, surf next day, drive home in evening. And now I have to wait. More. Which is good in my perpetual struggle with patience. Plus I get a buck more to go to a different department. So that's good. And there's always the weekends. If I get too ocean-hungry, I can always drive up on a Friday afternoon and hang out til Sunday. In fact, I was going to do that last weekend, it just didn't work out. Well, Hagrid and I were emailing about my sadness, and this last one from him made me smile:

"Da Nile aint just a river in Egypt, that's all I'm saying. Once you start going to L.A. regularly you'll be like, I met this guy named Rosco who is totally into spurlunking and astrology and he has perfect teeth.

It's a premonition."

Thank you, Hagrid. Oh, and I am a sucker for terrific teeth.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

How cute are we?!!

My entire body is sore. Michelle and I took Cardio Kickboxing yesterday, plus my calves are still mad at me from Sunday, plus I played with a four-year-old last night. So this makes me sore all over. I didn't realize exactly how sore until I had to get out of bed this morning. Most people can just roll out of bed and start their day. I climb down a ladder.

And tonight is spinning and pilates. Oh joy.

P.S. Failure to Launch is actually not a horrible movie. I was pleasantly surprised.

Monday, July 03, 2006

holy crap, when did it become july? i remember in hs the months would drag by and my parents said, "enjoy it while you can. when you grow up, it will fly by." i don't wanna grow up. i don't want it to go this fast. it's practically 2007 already. or, at least it will be the next time i blink.


I was gonna go to CA this weekend. Lindsay will probably move back by August, and this was the last weekend I would have had a chance to see her until then. Remainders have shows the 14th and 22nd (p.s. come to those!), then its NYC. Tonight we're figuring out when we go to LA to perform (maybe the 4th). Anyway, I was all excited to hit San Diego with the kid sis, then drive up to LA the next day to go to Amoeba and IO West for some shows. Plus see some of the people I missed last time I was there. But then I looked at my calendar and saw Big City Rock Saturday night. Cassy and I have been looking forward to this concert for a month, now. So I will not be going to LA. I will not get to surf or buy music. But that's okay. Cuz instead I will get my car fixed for the upcoming 15000 miles I'm about to put on it.

Please, please, please, go to you tube and do a search for Connie Chung. It is the oddest, saddest thing I've seen. And it's not a goof.