Wednesday, December 18, 2002

I got my ticket Saturday. It was the free one that came in the first dvd. The show started this morning at 11am, and I was in line at 10. With 50 other people. By 10:40 (when they finally opened the door to let us in from the cold winds) the line had grown to over 120. I sat alone in the theatre, trying to memorize a monologue. The lights went out, and the commercials began. How long has that been going on, by the way? Commercials? Come one. I just want to see previews. Which I did. Almost 45 minutes of them. I've waited a year for this, but I understand the commercial value of having your ad before the Most Highly Anticipated Sequel Of The Year. Then the movie itself actually starts. The stranger on my left rubbed his hands together, the one on my right took a deep breath. The woman behind me whispered, "Finally. It's beginning!" The energy in the room was amazing. And so, of course, was the movie. "God. And we have to wait another year!!" That came from somewhere behind me. If the opening weekend doesn't break records, it'll come close. The music was amazing. And I really like the adaptation. And the special effects. And did I mention the music? So now I must return to reality and continue memorizing Act 1.

Friday, December 13, 2002

Wednesday is almost here!!!

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I'm turning into a push-over who can't say no. I got myself into this little thing that I have to do tomorrow night. And, after having a few minutes to think about, I really don't want to go. But I feel bad because I said I would. So, now I have to call this guy back and tell him why I'm not coming. And I can't lie. For some reason I just don't feel comfortable making something up. I've always been like that, but only on certain things. Like what I'm doing in the evening. If someone were to ask me, and I really didn't want them to know, too bad for me. I'm like Abe Lincoln, for cryin' out loud.

Oh, and although I like the word "abrupt", I do not like abrupt endings to conversations. And I do not enjoy being hung up on. What the hell was that about?