Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm not getting anything done. I wanted to work a full day, so I did 4 hours this morning. Then I headed to Verizon to change my plan and reprogram my phone. I expected this to take an hour. It did. Then I came home, hoping to work. Instead I took some quick photos of Faith and sent texts to my phone book about the number change. I didn't put my last name in the message, so about 35 people text messaged me wanting to know which Ashley this was.

Then I get an email from JD, the guy who heads up the Ultimate Execution, which I crashed last year. I legitimately auditioned this year, but wasn't expecting to hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest, since they were doing two auditions. He tried to call, but couldn't, as I put my old number on my audition sheet*. He emailed me asking me to call. So I did and left a message. Then I responded to his email. Then a friend tried to call, and for some reason couldn't get through. So I sent him another email letting him know I was having phone issues. I was then on the phone with Verizon for a half an hour til we figured out the problem. I refrained from sending JD yet another email letting him know everything is in working order. Yes. I am That Girl.

He did return my call just now and informed me that I'd be in the Ultimate Execution. Very exciting!

Oh, I also spent 30 minutes on the phone with TDAmeritrade b/c I couldn't get logged in. So now it's almost 8 and I have yet to do work this evening. I always feel terrible when I have Marlynn scan a million claims for the weekend and I don't get to them. I tried to work all day Sunday, but the system was down. Tomorrow I've gotta get up super early to get at least 5 hours in before my tattooing. Yep. I'm getting the Eye of Rambaldi on my right wrist and the Deathly Hallows on my left one. Geek City. Population: me.

Come support me on June 8 at the X-Ecution!

*I am a genius

Monday, May 11, 2009

Plane Tickets purchased/rental car reserved for the end of June. Heading to Austin for the apartment hunt.

It's getting closer.

I'm getting nervous/sad. I don't deal well with change, and I'm gonna miss my friends so much.

Monday, May 04, 2009

The most awesome email received in a long time. From my friend Marcus:

Subject: My most fond memory of you:
Taking a shower at your apartment and hearing you tell me that you did not want me to use your bar soap to wash my genitals because you hate pubic hairs on your soap. I laughed for the entirety of the bathing process; almost.