Monday, July 26, 2004

I just saw my friend Caroline Macey on TV in a commercial for blueberries.  At least I think it was bluberries.  I was too busy trying to find the record button on our new vcr to pay attention to the topic.  She was SO CUTE!!  And next season she's going to be on American Dreams.  I am so proud of the class I graduated with!

Thursday, July 22, 2004

An update on my sister.  Because her life is way more interesting than mine.  The boy she met at the club, she saw four times the following week.  And he plays for the Peoria Mariners, not Seattle.  Which makes him less of a womanizer.  Lindsay is in San Diego for the week with my aunt condo-and-dog-sitting for my cousin who is on a rafting trip.  She loves it out there.  The first thing she did was find an LA fitness so she could work out every day.  I just finished three quarters of a pizza.  Her boy was bumped up to AA ball, which tripled his weekly salary. (which wasn't that big to begin with--I made more money than him, and that's sad)  But he misses her.  Which is weird for her.  She says she's not used to how nice he is. 

My parents finally sold their house!  For 30 grand less than the original asking price, but they get to move at last and that's all my dad cares about.  They are so excited.  Except that their AC broke and they're packing.  Ha.  The new owners will have to deal with that.  When I go back in October for a wedding, I'll be staying at their new house.  Which I'm very excited about.  I plan on taking a bubble bath every day in their whirlpoolspabathtub.  Yippee!! 

Paul and I went boating last weekend.  It was so incredibly much fun.  I hate lake water, but I swam because it was so inviting.  And nothing bit me or swam up and touched my leg.  I have four bruises, a huge blister between my big toe and the one next to it from my flip-flops and the possibility of tetnus, but dammit, we had a ball.  I now want to buy a boat.  Which would first mean getting a truck or (god forbid) suv.  Our hondas can pull a uhaul trailer, but a boat is a whole other story.  So, if any of you are rich and feel like getting rid of a boat, I would be glad to take it off your hands for you.  If you could throw in a vehicle for towing, that would be greatly appreciated.

My personal training is going well.  I've lost two inches from my waist in a month.  Which was surprising--I didn't think it would be that much.  So that encourages me to do more.  Except for today with the pizza.  I'm crampy and bloated.  Leave me alone.  I'll work out more next week.

And I'm finally done with overtime at work.  So I have Saturdays again.  To celebrate, I'm going to try to get some friends together to go to an improv show late Friday night.  Hopefully I can stay awake past 10.  I have to be at work tomorrow at 6:30 at the latest.  Don't know how that's going to happen, but it might involve me going to bed right now.

P.S.  I don't like the new blogger layout.  I thought it would take me a while to get used to it, then I would be fine.  Just like when hotmail changed on me.  But, no.  I don't like it.  You have to click on too many things to get to where you want.  And what's up with the comments?  Heather has blogger comments on her site and to post one, you have to first sign in to blogger.  That was weird and unexpected.  And I'm not sure if my comment even made it up.  Oh well.  I don't like change.  Sucks to be me.

P.P.S.  Last night on the Discovery Health Channel: Plastic Surgery Before and After, there was this woman who had iii boobies and got them reduced to an e.  Now, many of you who know me, know my knockers aren't exactly small.  But GOOD GOD, you should have seen this woman.  And it's not  like she was a big fattie.  She was overweight, yes, but her ta-tas were GINORMOUS.  I taped it so Paul could see her when he came home from work.

Big boobs.

Sunday, July 11, 2004

My sister is here! She drove across the country with my mom this week. She's going to stay with my aunt and uncle for a few months until she can get a job and a place to live. The first thing she did Saturday morning was buy a gym membership and work out. The first thing I did Saturday morning was have a bagel and muffin. We went out to a club last night with some friends and Lindsay met a(hot)guy who plays for the Mariners. Instead of coming over to my place tonight with my mom, aunt, and uncle, she went on a date.

Yep. I think Lindsay's going to do just fine out here.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

I have done something for myself that I'm really excited about. I have a personal trainer. Tuesday will be my fourth session with him, and I'm sore as hell. I've never lifted weights before--I'm more of a cardio girl. But I was feeling stuck and needed to do something about it. I got a sweet deal where they gave me 5 sessions free. So for the first five weeks I go two times. After that, it's down to once a week unless I want to buy extra sessions. My trainer, Cem (pronounced Jim--which is funny if you've every seen Dennis Leary's stand up), is also a physiotherapist. Basically, I have no cartilage in my knees and they're really loose, so he's going to help me build up my legs to stabalize the kneecaps.

In other news, Paul has never had a massage before, and Friday is his birthday. So I set up an appointment for today for the both of us. I used to get them regularly in Ohio, but since I've moved out here, money has been a little tight. Since January I've been working a lot of overtime and in September I'm supposed to get a raise, so I'm going to try to have a massage about once a month. I'm very excited because I did arms and shoulders yesterday and am very sore.

At the end of July I'm going to take a class online for medical terminology. There are going to be claims analyst jobs opening up where I work, and they make a lot more money. Plus, I'm a team lead, which means I'm in charge of other people. I have to train and keep track of everyone's productivity numbers. I like it a lot, don't get me wrong, but if I moved out here to focus on acting, I should do that. Our company participates in an ozone saving program. You can work 4-10 hour days to save gas and the environment. I am not allowed to do that because of my position. I would be able to if I were a claims analyst. Plus some of them telecommute. I would never have to worry about missing work for audtions. I would be able to leave at any time, as long as I eventually made up my 8 hours sometime that day.

In the middle of August I begin an improv class, which I'm pumped about! Paul and I went to see their show (The Jesterz) after two of the actors came to a class I was taking. The show was so much fun, and very clean. On Fridays at 10, $5 gets you in the door and you get to play. I'm going to try to get a group of people together for that soon.

Well, that's the official update on my life. Everyone have a safe and fun Fourth!