Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The difference between a well written television program and a poorly written television program is the amount of times the characters say each others names in a conversation.

Case in point:

Alias vs Smallville

Friday, April 18, 2008

To expand on last night:

Ben and I were watching the Dasariski show. It was a few beats into it, but people were still trickling in. We were sitting on the end of a row, when who walks by to go upstairs but Dan and Jackie! Ben and I about fall over with excitement. I immediately text Faith and Trew, who are adamant watchers (unless it's actually Jastroch and not Trew, in which case, I apologize for the text at midnight your time).

I have a strict policy of not talking to celebrities when I see them. They're just normal people and I don't want to bother them--it's a respect thing. But I broke that rule last night like a giant nerd. Jackie, Dan, and one of his brothers were sitting upstairs waiting for the next show to start, so I went over and said hi. I admit, there was some gushing. It's just that I have so much respect for what they've accomplished and the life changes they've made--especially since I worked in the weightloss world for a while and grew very attached to my clients. Anyway, they were wonderful and nice and very gracious. I was superexcited to have met them!

I just saw Dan and Jackie from The Biggest Loser at iO tonight! My excitement cannot be containted!11!!!!!1 A more detailed post will go up tomorrow; now I must go to bed.

Holy crap, hooray!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What's this? A new cupcake store?! Why, yes, thank you. I'll have 3.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

OMG. Did I just play Minesweeper for an hour straight?

My hand is cramping.

Monday, April 14, 2008

The past couple of days at the gym have been fun. Yesterday I was headed towards the freeweights area and was trying to figure out if Weighlifter Dude was going for the same bench as me. Then I realized it was Ben Siemon! He didn't see me, and he was headed for the 30 lb dumbbells. His head was turned slightly away (so as not to make actual eye contact with any other gym attendees), and I came up behind him and said in a super snotty voice, "Uh, I was going to use those." He says, "Oh, sorry," very politely and hurries away. I then have to chase after him to make sure he knows I'm not just some dick weightlifter. Laughter and sweaty hugs ensue.

Today I was doing my little spinning routine in the bike room. I listen to my ipod very loudly. A woman comes in and uses a bike on the other side of the room. I have no glasses or contacts on/in, so I can't really see her. Plus I'm super focused. Anyway, she starts talking...making noises...doing something which I think is directed towards me. I look at her in the mirror and she's looking at me. I hit pause to see if she's trying to get my attention. Turns out she's just a loud grunter when she spins.


Saturday, April 12, 2008

I forgot how much I missed The Office and 30 Rock. Holy crap, welcome back my friends. Welcome back!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Today is a crummy day.

My lady parts are being a pain. I just want to lie on the couch and watch TV and eat chocolate. But since I took most of this pay period off for PIF, I have to work all day to hit my minimum requirements. The system is super slow and all my claims are a mess, so it's taking f o r e v e r. Marlynn is out of town, and no one has scanned me anymore claims. Once I finish this next batch, I have nothing to do. Tonight I have a casting director workshop that I don't really want to attend. But it's already paid for, so I have to go.

Boo on this post for being so complainy.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

New Kids On The Block are reuniting. Perhaps my 6th grade vow to marry Joey McIntyre can still come true!

Oh, Kristen Keebaugh...where are you? We need to see one of their concerts together!

I have a few things to do online before I go to sleep, but I'm doing them from my bed. As I pulled back the sheets to lie down, I wished in that moment that I had a stuffed animal.

I need to cuddle tonight.

Monday, April 07, 2008

New pics from PIF on my flickr. There are also pics of my sister's adorable dog, but that's probably less interesting.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Phoenix Improv Festival this weekend!

I'm sitting in with Neutrino at 7pm on Friday. Come out and see!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

There is a Cute Boy in my character workshop. Sadly, tonight was our last class. In one of the scenes, Cute Boy played the husband of the woman whose house I cleaned. His character was slimy, and he hit on my character. Those were real giggles. P.S. Cute Boy has Talent.

There is Another Boy in my L4 class. However, we are in the Friend Zone, and will never get out of it.

This is all fine with me. I am too damn busy (and quite happy that way, actually) to be distracted by Boys. But still, Michelle was here for the weekend and she has quite the angst-filled love life. I kinda miss the beginnings when everything is a new discovery.

I don't get it.

April Fool's Day, that is. OK, so this article was actually pretty cool. Those jokes I'm 100% behind. But individual stuff that people post in their journals? Dumb. I know you're not changing your political views or are randomly pregnant. Any new information I get on April 1st I automatically throw away.

Perhaps it stems from childhood 6th grade guilt of asking a boy out who'd had a major crush on me since 3rd grade, then yelling "April Fool's!" As we went inside from recess. I am a jerk.