Saturday, January 11, 2003

The most powerful moment on ER was not spoken. It was signed. And the beautiful thing is: you don't even need to be able to read hands. It made me cry.

Wednesday, January 01, 2003

A new year. So far, so good. It was spent with the same people as last year, plus one. The Boy. Ahh, The Boy. Things are going well. Tosha has this good plan of staying here and commuting to LA. I, however, cannot stay here in the cold and rain. I must go west. But The Boy has some hesitations about LA. Which I understand. I have similar hesitations. And I think Tosh's idea is solid. Commuting means staying with friends for a couple of weeks and auditioning, then coming back. If any roles are attained, obviously find some kind of temporary housing and stay for the interval. But be based here. My base would be elsewhere. I'm looking at Pheonix now. And get a good 8-5 job. When I came back to Click it was because I didn't think anyplace else would be as flexible with the schedule. But, then I realized that any rehearsals would be in the evenings because everyone else has regular jobs. So I need to not be afraid of switching to something else. I've been researching the real estate business, and there's an info session tomorrow night that my mom found in the paper. And even though I can't attend, I can still call and see if they have brochures. My whole life I've dreamed of moving to Cali, but now I have found something more important. Something that will make me happy in a completely different way. Something I'm not willing to give up, but am willing to compromise. Which is a huge thing for me. Not sure if I'm ready to accept it yet, but don't have to. I have a few more months here, anyway. Besides, my director has some really great connections at the Human Race, and I'm going to start auditioning again. Really the only sad thing is that my kitty is eating herself to death. There are even bigger patches of baldness all over her legs and belly. And they keep getting bigger by the day. I'm not exaggerating. Next week I have to call the vet again and see if I can medicate her. Or at least see how much that will cost. As for resolutions, I never make them because I know I won't keep them. But a friend of mine is going to go to the gym with me on the weekends, so that's kind of one, I guess. I've also decided to make more of my day. But not as a resolution. Just as a life change kind of thing. I've been reading a lot on the internet about how to save money, and getting a new job was one of the suggestions. So, that may be the only resolution I make. Or, at least, look into a new job. I'm far to smart and resourceful to be making just a bit over minimum wage. So that's that. Hope your New Year's Eve celebrations were as wonderful as mine.