Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Best moment in my teaching career thus far happened tonight in my second Level 1 class. Granted, I haven't been teaching all that long. But improv is like a precious gem to me. I treasure it. I want other people to see it's beauty. I look forward to introducing new enthusiasts. There's a guy in my L1 class I really like. I don't know how else to express what I see in him other than he has a lot of potential. I think if he sticks with improv, he can do some amazing things.

I talked a bit about group mind tonight. I had mentioned it last week, and I touched on it again this week. The last warm up I had the class do was count to twenty. We stood in a tight circle, shoulder to shoulder, with our eyes closed. The first try we got to 12, which is pretty damn good considering they've never done it before. It only took a few times before we basically got to twenty. I say basically because two people said twenty when we hit it, so technically it doesn't count, but I ended the warm up there. When it was over, he had a comment.

"I could tell who was going to talk next. It was like I could feel it." Duke's response: "That's group mind, my friend. Welcome." This kid was completely blown away. There is no way to really truly explain group mind to someone. You have to experience it. And he did.

I have never been more excited and enthused about improv. I'm in a really good space right now. Yes, I'd like to be performing on a regular basis. But Golden Girls has a couple of shows and Duke and I are working on a two person show that so far has two performances set up. We've only played together a handful of times, but I can already tell this is a good pairing. I want to show Austin improv that it doesn't have to be about jokes. Improv can be serious and compelling and still be incredibly entertaining. We did a scene the other day that was going to end in a kiss if it didn't get edited. It was a realistic scene with a serious relationship. Emma said afterwards that she really liked watching that scene. When you can captivate a teammate to the point that they forget they're not an audience member and that in fact they should be watching the scene for an edit, you're doing something right. I'm just incredibly happy with the work I've been doing lately. I want to be the best two person team in Austin. I want people to know who we are.

Tomorrow is a full day! High school kids in the morning. Atchatina Atchatina in the evening. At the party, Kate said some really nice things to me as a person and as a coach. I really like this team and am glad they've stuck together after the cagematch win.

This bird is happy.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My training has been spotty lately. I was out of town, then Jenny got sick and had to cancel a couple sessions, then I cancelled Monday's. But I told her I'd see her Wednesday if it kills me. I need to be careful about my wording.

Last night I worked until 11 then went to bed. Around 1, p.snugg started whining. He never gets up in the middle of the night. Like his mama, he enjoys his sleep. He'd gone to the bathroom before bed, but I thought maybe he needed to go again. I got up and tried to put his leash on. He decided that meant play time. We did the dance of Trying Ashley's Patience for about 10 minutes. I gave up and threw him in his crate and put earplugs in. Around 3 he started to whine loudly and consistently enough that I couldn't ignore it any longer. I decided to give the bathroom another go. He finally allowed me to put his leash on and out we went. In my pjs and a jacket. He then proceeded to poop twice. Leapin' lizards, dog. We coulda taken care of this at 1am.

I couldn't fall back asleep, so I checked email and got on Facebook. Finally, I was tired. The dog, by the way, was already fast asleep. My phone is on its last leg and will randomly shut off. Seeing as it's my only alarm, I kinda need it. I checked it to make sure it was still on and I saw that I had a voice message. I'd turned the ringer off, so I didn't even know Faith had called. She saw that I was on Facebook and thought I might still be up. Obviously middle of the night phone calls are pretty serious, so I called her back. She's going through a rough patch, and we talked for about an hour. Around 5 I was finally able to go to sleep, only to have to get up an hour and a half later to take the dog to day care before hitting the gym.

It has been 6 weeks since the last measurements. In those 6 weeks, I ate myself through Ohio and have been snacking like a crazy person. So, my weight had stayed the same, which isn't surprising. However, I'm down 2% body fat, which is really what I care about. We're doing another set of measurements in 4 weeks. I think I can be down another 2% by then. My goal is to be down 10-12% total.

Some friends of mine might be moving into my complex. I say might b/c I was told April 1st would be their potential move in date. So, there is a slight possibility that this is all an elaborate hoax. But if they *do* move in, this will hopefully lead to fun bbqs and pool parties all summer long. I have a two piece that I've only worn twice before. I'd like to be able to wear it this summer. But right now my stupid boobs are too big. Even a 5% drop in body fat will help calm those suckers down.

In a world where I have little control over some things, this is one area I can control, and it's nice to focus on it. For instance, I have no control over work. The system is going to be down this weekend. The good new is I know about it ahead of time. I'm gonna hit up a yoga class Sat and Sun, and spin as well. I've lost so much of my flexibility it makes me sad. Anyway, it feels good to focus on my health. And even though I didn't really try or apply myself over the past 6 weeks, it was still nice to see a difference in measurements.

I'll take it.

Monday, March 15, 2010

It's interesting to think about the different paths your life could take. I watched the first two discs of Numb3rs last week. Criminal profiling fascinates me. I brought it up to my parents, saying I think I missed my calling. They jokingly said I missed my calling at a lot of things. But we seriously talked about what it would take to go back for that sort of thing. I would like to work for the FBI.