Friday, April 18, 2008

To expand on last night:

Ben and I were watching the Dasariski show. It was a few beats into it, but people were still trickling in. We were sitting on the end of a row, when who walks by to go upstairs but Dan and Jackie! Ben and I about fall over with excitement. I immediately text Faith and Trew, who are adamant watchers (unless it's actually Jastroch and not Trew, in which case, I apologize for the text at midnight your time).

I have a strict policy of not talking to celebrities when I see them. They're just normal people and I don't want to bother them--it's a respect thing. But I broke that rule last night like a giant nerd. Jackie, Dan, and one of his brothers were sitting upstairs waiting for the next show to start, so I went over and said hi. I admit, there was some gushing. It's just that I have so much respect for what they've accomplished and the life changes they've made--especially since I worked in the weightloss world for a while and grew very attached to my clients. Anyway, they were wonderful and nice and very gracious. I was superexcited to have met them!


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