Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm not getting anything done. I wanted to work a full day, so I did 4 hours this morning. Then I headed to Verizon to change my plan and reprogram my phone. I expected this to take an hour. It did. Then I came home, hoping to work. Instead I took some quick photos of Faith and sent texts to my phone book about the number change. I didn't put my last name in the message, so about 35 people text messaged me wanting to know which Ashley this was.

Then I get an email from JD, the guy who heads up the Ultimate Execution, which I crashed last year. I legitimately auditioned this year, but wasn't expecting to hear anything until Wednesday at the earliest, since they were doing two auditions. He tried to call, but couldn't, as I put my old number on my audition sheet*. He emailed me asking me to call. So I did and left a message. Then I responded to his email. Then a friend tried to call, and for some reason couldn't get through. So I sent him another email letting him know I was having phone issues. I was then on the phone with Verizon for a half an hour til we figured out the problem. I refrained from sending JD yet another email letting him know everything is in working order. Yes. I am That Girl.

He did return my call just now and informed me that I'd be in the Ultimate Execution. Very exciting!

Oh, I also spent 30 minutes on the phone with TDAmeritrade b/c I couldn't get logged in. So now it's almost 8 and I have yet to do work this evening. I always feel terrible when I have Marlynn scan a million claims for the weekend and I don't get to them. I tried to work all day Sunday, but the system was down. Tomorrow I've gotta get up super early to get at least 5 hours in before my tattooing. Yep. I'm getting the Eye of Rambaldi on my right wrist and the Deathly Hallows on my left one. Geek City. Population: me.

Come support me on June 8 at the X-Ecution!

*I am a genius


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