Monday, July 02, 2007

It was an accident.

I went in Friday to get my hair colored and shaped. I was going to grow it out. I knew I would have a lot of salt water and chlorine damage to my hair this summer, so I told the girl to go back to my natural color. Which was quite a bit lighter than I've had it recently. She went into this whole thing about having to strip my hair. I'm pretty low maintenance. I would have canceled the coloring appt and just gone w/ the hair cut had I known it was going to be such an ordeal. I don't mind if I have roots. Anyway, she tried a few things, which didn't work. So I jokingly said to David--who was cutting my hair once the coloring was done--"Just cut it off." He said he'd do it. I said okay.

So, my hair got chopped off. I liked it when it was short the first time around. The cut/shape was really cute. I am not a fan of how it looks now. It's too short. However, it grows and I don't have to look at myself. Plus, it will be easy to take care of this summer and won't get in my face when I surf.


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