Friday, June 29, 2007

Tammy's wedding tomorrow. I shouldn't be on the internet. I should be in my car.

Tosha's wedding next weekend. (which means i'm leaving tammy's reception kinda early so i can drive back tomorrow night so i can cram my workload in by wednesday.)

Just got BD's invite yesterday.

Then it should be done. NO ONE ELSE GET MARRIED THIS YEAR. PLEASE!! My pocketbook can't take it. (heehee, i just wanted to use the word, "pocketbook")

*** *** ***

I'm doing excellent along the exercise front. Surfing Sunday meant swimming against the waves for an hour. Then training session, then spinning (which I know I said I wasn't going to do until I was in a bit better shape, but what the hell), then lifting by myself, then another training session.

I have sessions scheduled MTW of next week. Finally I have a work/exercise routine down. Which, granted, will be messed up the rest of July--what, with all my travels and such--but it feels really good to start taking care of myself again. :-D

OK, getting in car now...


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