Monday, June 11, 2007

I would much rather check my email 1800 times than do the work in front of me. If I wasn't having so many dang system problems, I would be in a much better mood. But as it is, I'm over my minutes and I had to call Steve for a quick claim fix. So, that was probably a $20 phone call. Grr!

In other news, I hate that I am on the myspace bandwagon. That site makes me want to scratch my eyes out, then vomit in my empty sockets. However, over the past two weeks I've gotten back into contact with two people from a really long time ago. Rachel and I worked together my first year @ PKI. It's been probably 10 years since we talked. Matt was my best friend from 3rd grade-6th grade, when he moved to Maine. He's still living there, but now (what? 17 years later?) he's all growed up. We sent a couple of emails, and I'm looking forward to hearing what's new in his life. Kristen Keebaugh and I even wrote a long distance dedication to American Top 40: "That's What Friends Are For." Every time I hear that song, I think of him. And what a nerd I was to actually write a letter in to that stupid show.


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