Tuesday, May 04, 2010

trying to remember my dreams last night. they were weird. the first one i was living with faith in a bungalow-type place. i got up to feed the professor, and i saw there was different food than what i put out. i fumbled around in the dark until i found the living room light. when i turned it on, there was a huge dog and bunny rabbit laying on an ottoman. in the middle of the night, the apartment complex had broken in and delivered these two animals at the request of a friend who wanted me to look after them for a while. most of the dream was spent trying to track down that friend b/c i just didn't have time to take care of another person's responsibility. oh, and my bedroom light wouldn't turn on. i think i spent a portion of the dream trying to change lightbulbs only to figure out that it was really a short.

the next one was an ocean dream. i had my surf board and the boston boys were there. it was this enclosed place: short beach that you had to go through these giant steal doors to get to, then water, then jungle. and there were so many people around. i swam out against the waves, trying to get to this dock at the back by the jungle. once i reached the dock, i knew i'd be able to surf. the water was clear and nice. one of the waves came quickly after the second, and i didn't have enough time to surface and catch my breath. i thought i was going to drown, but at the last minute i was able to pop up. i made it to the dock, and the boston boys & a few other improvisers were there. big sam, i think. i just remember chaz saying he thought i would do really well, but i was afraid to stand up on my board b/c there were so many people around i didn't want to accidentally hurt anyone. so i swam out to a place where there were no people. to the far left was a testing area for some government program. the middle was off limits. so i was restricted to the original area. when i got back, the water had drained. everyone waited around for a while until an announcement was made that they shut off the ocean. we trudged back in. someone had let my dog out, so i had to catch him. then there was something with a criminal and i was an FBI agent (which i had apparently been all along) and i had to chase him for a really long time and there was a nuclear blast that i lived through b/c i found a metal roof top to a shed that i held up.

weird dreams. still not enough sleep. went to bed around 12:30 then i woke up at 5, 6, 7, and finally got out of bed around 8. boo on that.


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