Friday, April 02, 2010

I don't want to go out tonight. I want to see the Bonk! show and I want to hit the opening night party, but I also want to be in bed. Before Matt and Katie and I went out to dinner, I did my hair and makeup. This was to motivate me to leave the house after. But tomorrow I want to work and go to the gym and then I have a show. Plus, the next 10 days are going to be ridiculously busy. I won't get to sleep until next Saturday. So if I go to bed now, I can get a nice night's sleep and get all my stuff done. If I go out, I'll be out late then sleep in and not hit the gym.

I had some time to kill between dinner and the show so I called my sister. She officially changed her facebook status today, and I wanted to check up on her. She was out at a bar, so we texted for a bit. Then I called MVT. We talked just over an hour, which means I have now missed Bonk! The question remains: Do I go to the opening night party? Lubu isn't too terribly far from me. Probably everyone I know will be there. My hair and makeup is done. But my couch is comfy and my dog is snuggling with me. And I am yawning as I type. Why can't I just beam myself from my couch to Lubu's? That would be nice.

Update: no one returned my texts. Bed it is!

Double Update: it's 3:30 and i'm just getting home.


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