Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Kinda wish I had earth shattering realizations to throw at your cerebral cortex. Nope. Had my appointment with the knee specialist and he's 99% sure I won't need surgery. I can't straighten my leg completely, so we have a follow up in 2 weeks. If I STILL can't straighten it then, we'll do an MRI to see if anything is torn and thus preventing my leg from straightening. But he doesn't think that'll be the case. Time heals all wounds. Even the stupid, self-imposed ones by people who have NO BUSINESS on rollerblades.

I'm cuddling up to Austin Improv. Escape Hatch has shows on Sundays in January. I'm TAing Level 2 with Ratliff and working with him Wednesdays at a high school. I get to be the Stool Pigeon on my birthday, so I will tell birthday-related stories. Faith will be in town that weekend, and I CAN'T WAIT! We're going shopping and having tea and she'll get to meet all of the people I talk about all the time. This Saturday I'm going to look at dogs, so hopefully I'll have one before she gets here. Oh, and Faith decided to stop drinking. We'll see if that extends to birthday weekends.

Next week I'm going to start doing light cardio as per OKd by the knee guy. I'm basically waiting for my rib to get better before I start with the personal training. Currently, I am still crying out in pain every time I sneeze. Literally. That action hurts like a monster. I'm anxious to start training with Jenny again. She was amazing! Plus, I'm supposed to do a photoshoot with Michelle in April, and I need to look decent for that. Mainly, I just want to be healthy. I'm starting 2010 at the heaviest I've been since That One Time In College. I'd like to end this year in the shape I was That Other Time In College--when my legs looked like they belonged on a ice skater.

The day after I fell, Cortnie, Steve, Matt, and Brian all came up to my place to hang out since I was an invalid. That was Christmas Eve, and I can't even express how much that meant to me. I had been feeling pretty sorry for myself--first ever Christmas without family in my life, in massive amounts of pain, blahblahblah--but I didn't want to be a bother and see what everyone was up to. I figured Steve might hang out with his lady, Cortnie and I had already texted that day and I didn't want to bug her again, Brian has no phone. So that left Matt. His gf is out of state, so I knew he would be by himself that night. I was literally *just* wondering what he was doing, thinking it would be too late to call, when my phone rang. It was Matt. Cortnie had told the boys my genius move, so they made the trip up. It was beyond great. They also came over Christmas Day around 5pm. My rib hurt a TON, even with narcotics, but I can't remember a time I've laughed more.

I decided a few months ago that Brian would be my closest guy friend in Austin. He joins the ranks of Ben in Cali and Jose in PHX. His girlfriend is Sandra, who became my own personal hero after singing backup for Fred at the ColdTowne Office Party. Seriously, I love that girl. His good taste in women makes me like him even more. We've been hanging out a decent amount partly b/c of my fall and partly b/c he has nothing better to do since Sandra is out of town. But she returns this weekend and I have to give him back. Sometimes it sucks being the only single person in your group of friends. Matt's gf is out of state, but she's moving to Austin this month. I can't remember a time I've been friends with this many couples.

And it made me think of when Ben started dating Celeste. Again, another girl I love, and am super glad they are together still! But we used to hang out all the time. iO and Sunday morning movies and Biggest Loser and Lost and walks and ice cream and yelling at people in traffic and gym time. Although I was thrilled he found someone who made (and still makes) him happy (because I LOVE that guy!), I also missed my friend. That's kinda Brian on a smaller scale. Ben and I had been hanging out solidly for almost a year. Brian and I have been giving each other crap for several months, but really only started hanging out the past couple of weeks. I'm just being stupid and selfish, but come on! There is NO ONE better to watch Jersey Shore with than an actual person *from* New Jersey.



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