Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A Post For You!

So, a couple of people have mentioned my blog has been dormant lately. Here is an update. Instead of work. Because that's what I *should* be doing.

July 13 was my last post. I have since moved half way across the country. This was a huge deal for me. I've had two other major moves in my life. One from OH to PHX, and one from PHX to CA. But both of those moves were with another person. Paul and I moved to Arizona together, and Faith and I moved to California. So, I had someone else in the house. Someone who was obligated to hang out with me. This time, though, I'm on my own.

I didn't move to Austin in a bubble. I know a lot of the improvisers out here. That's actually the reason I moved here. I remember staying up all night with Jose at Out of Bounds 4 Augusts ago. We sat by Arthur's pool and laughed and talked for hours. I remember thinking, this is where I want to end up. This is the community I want to be a part of. And I am. ColdTowne has welcomed me with open arms. I am forever grateful to those boys. The three of them helped me unload my Uhaul in the rain. A couple of weeks later they asked me to coach The Draft (one student from each level and an alum or two). I'm TAing this session, coaching two cagematch teams, and coaching the Draft again. I got to sub at CT's conservatory a couple of Saturdays ago and teach an intro to deconstruction. Today I subbed for Arthur at a school, and I'll be working with high schoolers more in the future. Things are going incredibly well on the improv front.

But there is definitely an aloneness to it all. I don't work in an office-I work from home. So I spend the majority of my days by myself. Sometimes it's hard to get out of bed, knowing I won't be leaving my apartment the entire day. But I'm trying to hit the gym a lot. That helps break up my day. And I go to the theater. Sunday nights is Bad Movie Night. Thursdays I've been there for the Draft. I'll be there for cagematch on Saturday, and there are several troupes I still haven't seen. I'm meeting more improvisers each time I go out.

I've already done a show. Well, technically two. At Out of Bounds this year, Craig and Rich picked 4 improvisers out of a hat to do a 20 minute show with them on the last night. I was a name drawn. I knew Rich and Craig, of course, but I also happened to know the other 3 who were picked. It was such an awesome way to be introduced to the improv community! A few weeks later, Emma, Cortnie, Leah, and I did Improvised Golden Girls. I was Dorothy. We submitted for a run in December, so hopefully we'll get that.

I love it out here. I love living by myself. I love my bed and my apartment. I can't wait to get a dog. That's something that will help me with the loneliness and with the getting out of bed and getting dressed. It's expensive, and I'm trying to pay off all of the stuff I bought when I moved out here. I basically had my clothes and a couch. I had to buy an entire kitchen and bathroom and TV and washer/dryer and tons of tiny crap. But I'm going to put my improv money aside for the dog. It's a $300 deposit at my complex, but I'm gonna wait til I have $500 to cover the initial cost of the adoption and food and vet and toys and training. That will give me a couple of months to read up. I want him to be super well behaved and socialized. My dog will rock. Oh, his name will be Professor Snugglebottoms. He will cuddle with me and watch movies and sleep on my bed. Maybe. I haven't decided about that yet. Probably, though...who are we kidding.

Friday I was gonna go visit Leah at work. Just to get out of the house. But no one could go with me. I had asked Emma, but she was at a BBQ and wasn't sure if she'd be done by happy hour time. I almost didn't go. Then Leah texted and asked if I was coming. So I went. I was talking on the phone with Faith about how I just need to go out and do these things. Who cares if I'm by myself? So, I brought a book, fully intending to chat with Leah between tables and drink and read. Then Emma called and said she was on her way. See? It all worked out! I just needed to initiate the scene and get off my duff. Then the yes ands rolled in!

And I keep reminding myself that it didn't happen overnight in LA. Faith and I had each other from the beginning, yes, but I didn't meet Ben til a couple of months in. Stef didn't move til that winter(ish). Jen and I didn't meet til the following April. These were my best buds, and it took time to get that way. Faith posted some pics to her facebook the other day, which made me really sad. I remembered the holiday party and her in the back seat of Ben's car when we both turned around to be blinded by the flash. I remember all the fun we had. And my WSU friends who stuck together. Filming with Behn and Chris. All of the Sunday Morning Movies with B and dessert time with S! I don't miss LA. Not at all. Every time I get in my car in ATX I smile because I'm so happy to live here. But I miss my friends more than I was prepared to. More than I thought I would.

I look forward to making new friends and developing the relationships I have. I look forward to meeting a nice guy who can handle my anal-retentiveness and charm. I look forward to teaching and performing improv. I feel like this is a rebirth. I'm so excited for what lies ahead. I will never forget the people who've touched my life and changed my being. I am thankful everyday for you. I miss you and I love you.

And you always have a place to stay in Austin.


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