Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One of the last things Buol said to me before he moved back to OH was that I need more girl friends. Most of my friends are guys. Probably 90%. A big part of that is just that there are more guys than girls in improv. But lately I've been making more girl friends, which has been nice. A couple of nights ago I met Jennifer, who was wearing this cute little red polka dot dress at iO. Not fancy, just summery. I own 2 dresses, and they are for special occasions. So I decided to buy a casual dress.

Yesterday I went out to lunch and shopping with Stephanie. I wore one of my two skirts (mainly because it was so hot and my shorts are too short for the current squish of my legs and jeans were out of the question). Steph was wearing a dress. I don't normally feel very feminine. I normally feel like one of the guys. But it was fun to look nice. We went shopping and I found a great khaki dress that I'm going to wear tomorrow night to Ben's sketch show. It buttons up, so I had to get a tank to go under, since my boobs are too big for the buttons and they didn't have the next size up, so I would've had to go 2 sizes, and then it just looked frumpy. Long story long, it looks incredibly cute.

I called Faith to tell her I bought a dress. She cheered. I stumbled in at 2 last night and was going to take my purchase upstairs, but I didn't see it. I figured Faith took it upstairs and threw it in my room. I went immediately to sleep, but when I woke up today, I still couldn't find it. I knocked on her door.

"Hey, do you know where my NY&Co bag is?"

Her eyes bulged and she bolted down the stairs yelling, "OHMYGOD I THREW IT AWAY WHEN I WAS CLEANING UP LAST NIGHT!" I had to get dressed as I was in my work clothes (aka: pjs), and she was already half way in the dumpster by the time I got there. I had never been more happy that it wasn't garbage day in my whole life. My bag was there - a little buried and smelly, but everything was in tact. I will be doing laundry here in a minute.

What a comedy of errors!


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