Thursday, June 19, 2008

When I was 17, I worked at Paramount's Kings Island in Cincinnati, OH. I was an usher the first year at the new Nickelodeon Studios. There was an actor by the name of Joey Kern. He was super cute and had a fan club of pre-teens who came to see him almost every day. They knew me by name b/c I was the person who would usually go backstage to get him. He was always very polite and would chat with the girls when he could.

He moved to NY to go to school. It wasn't until Candy recommended Super Troopers that I saw him again. If you've seen it, he's the stoner dude driving the car. It is always exciting to see people you know in movies, and I'm really glad he's had a decent career. I didn't know him very well at PKI, but he was always really nice and very funny.

Well, last night at iO, who do I run into but Joey Kern?!! He was at the bar with two cute girls to watch a friend do a show. What a small ass world we live in.


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