Sunday, June 22, 2008

The boundless energy of children amazes me. Was I like that when I was 6? Yeah. I remember riding my big wheel with my best friend Matt Hand. I remember the park at the end of our street where we would have adventures. I remember summers of swimming and soccer and softball and running around outside. I remember hitting a tennis ball against our chimney for hours. I remember running the length of our lawn back and forth, racing the neighbors' dogs. We had a tetherball pole, monkeybar swing set, and basketball hoop at our house.

But then you grow up and slow down. Being around Asha the past few days has both worn me out and revitalized me. We were watching a movie last night and she wouldn't sit still. So I dared her to run up and down the stairs 10 times. After 8, she decided to start over. Then she shows us her karate moves and did flips on the bed we have downstairs. Then she did 10 boy push ups--with good form, I might add. This was after an afternoon of swimming and singing. The girl does not stop.

Ah, to be six again. To climb on people and be swung around. To see the ocean for the first time. The biggest decision of the day is whether to paint or play with dolls. But then you combine both and make paintings for your dolls. To love everyone and everything because there are no consequences. And at the end of the day, to completely crash and have the deepest, soundest sleep you'll ever have.


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