Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am an old lady. Yesterday ended up being me, Kyle, Guetig, and Sara. Sara is Jim Gaffigan pale, so she stayed out of the water. The boys and I had fun body surfing. This was all well and good until the ocean decided to bitch-slap me and Guetig. It drug him across the sand hard enough to take off a layer of skin on his shoulder. For me, it slammed me down face-first and then flipped my feet over my head. In a way I do not bend. Guetig and I crawled out of the ocean and whimpered our way to the towels. Other than that, we all had a ton of fun.

But today I'm moving like I'm 70. My back and neck are killing me. Not to self: do more yoga. That way, when the ocean decides to be a big jerk, I can handle it.


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