Friday, July 13, 2007

A sign you are getting old

I am returning to the land of the living. After my week in OH, I got very sick. Why? Oh, that would be because I didn't get enough sleep. Wed I got in around 4 am. Thurs after the bachelorette party I got in around 4 am. Friday after the rehearsal dinner I got to bed around 1:30. Saturday after the wedding, reception, bar afterwards, socializing with old friends, then staying up to gossip with Courtney like a 12-year-old, I got to bed around 3 am. Sunday after the brunch, Young's trip, minor shopping trip (where I was so depressed in the dressing room I wanted to chop off my boobs and cry, but then was able to find a shirt that didn't button up), dinner with parents, home, bed (but no actual sleep), then lots of phone calls trying to get Courtney back to my folks', I finally laid down around 3.

When I don't get enough sleep, I get sick. This is a fact. Yesterday I felt like doing a swan dive out of my bedroom window onto the cement two stories down. I'm much better today. Changing the sheets, as I've broken several fevers over the past 48 hours. I might try to get some work done. But I might just save that for tomorrow. Anyway, it's great to be able to stand up and not pass out.

Oh, another sign you are getting old? When your boyfriend's resumé--listing his accomplishments, interests, and GPA--reads like porn.


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