Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Back from Ohio. Tosh is all married now. I've been to a billion weddings this year, but hers really hit me hard. In a good way. I mean, I've never been more happy for two people than I am for her and Craig. Maybe it's because Steph and Mem's weddings were 4+ years ago, but I don't remember being this in love with the couple before. And I was in both of those weddings.

When they danced, when they looked at each other, when they said their vows...I could have vomited a puppy pooping a rainbow made of bunnies. I was that happy for them. She's a wedding coordinator, so, of course, everything went without a hitch, and everything was uber beautiful.

I got to have Jim's Donuts and a butterscotch shake from Young's Dairy and a pepperoni sub from Subbies and a delicious Marion's Piazza. Next time I go back I'm hitting Bravo and India Palace. Skybus is AWESOME! The seats were very comfortable. And I can get a round trip, non-stop ticket back home for $41--which includes taxes and fees!!! But I have to get the tickets waaaaay in advanced. I don't want to get anything for January, because we might go to St. Martin. The end of February/beginning of March may not be the best of times. Then they'll be in PHX for Cubs spring training. So, who knows when I'll get to take advantage of a flight across the country that is cheaper than a tank of gas.

Anyway, pictures and (hopefully) video to come.


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