Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sometimes I really feel like I need to be medicated for OCD. Do they have medication for that? The move was fine and eventless. The panic sets in when I look at an apartment full of boxes. I don't mean to get snippy with Faith, but I do. I don't mean to get snippy with zha, but I do. I work in my room, so I need to have all of that taken care of (everything put in its place) before I can start processing claims.

There are three boxes full of stuff behind me. I can't get to them until next weekend. That is almost impossible for me to handle. For the past two days I have worked furiously to put everything away and rebuild my furniture. Faith goes out with friends b/c it's not crazy important to her like it is to me. She's okay living in the chaos. In the sense that, she doesn't need to have it put away immediately. I wish I could be like that, sometimes. Because for two days I ignored phone calls or I would have cried when I answered.

I'm feeling better now that my "office" is put together. I've even spent 3 hours today processing. After a nice long lunch with Zha, Faith, and Mike. But then, that's another stress. I've spent more money in the past week than I have in my entire life. Moving to a new state is costly. But we don't have a fridge. This means every meal is out--which is expensive--until Tuesday. I purchased the fridge. Then we have to fill it with groceries. On top of that, I just bought tickets to Austin to see Justin and Ohio for Tosha's wedding. Then there's gas for Tammy's wedding. I still have the trip to Florida and New York to budget for. Plus a huge vacation for my birthday that I'm beyond excited about. Just lots of spending in a short time is making me nervous.

Things will slow down and I'll get into a routine. Plus, moving is one of the three biggest stressors in one's life. I know it'll be okay. I'm just a bit of a mess right now.

Off to spend more money on dinner. Bye-bye savings. It was fun while it lasted.


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