Monday, June 04, 2007

Faith starts at 6 Flags today as Wonder Woman! I've been sitting with her this morning, talking, as she fights of nausea. There are three main stressors in one's life: changing a job (starting/ending), changing where you live, and changing a relationship (starting/ending). She is tackling all three. She finished up her job in AZ and is now beginning a new one. This is the first time she's ever lived away from her family. She got back together with Chris for about a week, then they broke up the day before she moved...and she's interested in a guy out here. So, fine, Faith, I concede. You win this round.

OK, now I'm off to work. Oh, wait...that means clicking open a few screens. I don't have to leave or shower or get out of my pjs!! This is awesome!


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