Sunday, April 01, 2007

awesome things! (to be expounded upon later)

The show in henderson sucked. The show in Sedona rocked. (these opinions are from my POV only.)

zha called; I couldn't hear him. Nathan called; he had to go. My phone died.

I can say with confidence the drive back from Sedona last night was the most fun I have ever had in my car.

After dinner José hugged me and said it made him sad to realize I'm moving. I haven't realized that yet, so I'm not sad (except for in that moment. that made me sad). It hasn't sunk in what I'm leaving.

For later: Dangerville is Slow, Dumb, and Cumbersome. Showers are hilarious. I have a strange box. Bill got a hat from a biker. Dear Shane, buttholes. Love, Ashley. Rape Me on the jukebox--an acoustic version and the recorded one. Open container in my car. Shane and I are Mom and Dad. So many brownies my fingertips went numb. Fire ants suck. Crappy Irish pub, crappier cover charge, crappiest Irish band. Cinnamon and videos. I must sleep in a cave. Someone died there (clap clap clapclapclap).

But now I have to get back in my car and drive to Chandler to help Cassy pick out music for her wedding and something sexxxxy to wear her wedding night.

Oh, and I just got a new swimsuit. It rocks hard core!!! It's sort of a 1920's style swim dress. I LOVE IT!!! The only thing I need to complete the look is a swim cap with huge, gaudy flowers and a chin strap. Find one for me!!!


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