Wednesday, March 28, 2007


It's not that I don't like being wrong. If I'm wrong, I will concede. Fine. But if I'm right and someone tries to say I'm wrong, this is when I take issue. Yesterday I went in for my training session at 4:30. I like to get there a bit early to change and do a 10 minute warm up. Mike is behind the counter.
"What time is your session today?"
"Uh, I hope 4:30."
"I hope so, too."
He looks me up and has me scheduled for 4. But I was positive it was 4:30. We schedule next week's appointments. Then I bring up Thursday.
"You have me for 5:30 then, right?"
"No, I have you for 4."
But I knew I had to work extra this week to make up for taking Friday off for The Remainders Vegas/Sedona trip, so I would never have agreed to 4. We reschedule. Not too much of a big deal. But when I get home, I find the card he wrote my appointments on. He wrote my appointments on.
Tues 27 4:30
Thurs 29 5:30

So there.


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