Friday, March 30, 2007

Yesterday was a poopy day so I went to bed early. Now I'm wide awake and have plenty of time before The Remainders TourCo show up to pack my car. This is a mini-roadtrip--show in Vegas and Sedona tonight and tomorrow. My cd drive is making weird noises as I try to load José's music to my ipod. I had to buy a new one not even a year ago. zha has talked me into purchasing a MAC. It will be the third thing I buy in l.a.--assuming I am telecommuting. Marsha goes home Monday to pilot the program. Then I should be home in 4-6 weeks. Let's cross our fingers on that one. Ugh! The first two things I will buy in l.a. are: surfboard and wetsuit. Hello, I must have my priorities.

Man, this is sorta all over the place.

Cassy called last night and we talked for a while about her wedding. She is superduper stressed out. Weddings make no sense to me. It's one freakin' day, people! Back home, Chris married Dana (I think that's her name) on his lunch break at a justice of the peace. They had a reception later. Don't get me wrong, I love a good wedding. I appreciate a good wedding. But I just don't see the point of losing your mind over one.

Faith and I were going to work out this morning but my gym bag is in my car and I have too much to do before 10. I should probably wake her in case she wants to go by herself. (edit: I just went in there and she was all, I'm going to sleep. I set my alarm. but thanks. So now I kinda feel bad for waking her.)

I had some major OCD issues yesterday. Sometimes it's worse than others. I think I posted on myspace about that a while ago. Yesterday it was bad. I woke up and wanted to jot some dream stuff down. I've had similar dreams this week and wanted to remember the one I just woke up from. The other day I bought new pens and a crappy notebook. I decided instead of turning my computer on (my cd drive is now growling, btw) that I would write in my new notebook. But I couldn't find my pens. Because I haven't cleaned my room. A clean room makes me feel better as a human being. So right now, with papers everywhere and taxes that need to be done and clutter to be pitched, I sorta feel all caterwumpus. Anyway, I couldn't find my pens.

Faith: Well, we have plenty of pens. Why don't you use one of those?

My darling roommate, you understand nothing about this affliction. You see, I purchased these pens specifically for this notebook. And although there are other scrap pieces of paper around I could use, and dozens of pens, I now have it stuck in my mind that I need THESE PARTICULAR PENS for THIS PARTICULAR NOTEBOOK. After a good 30 minutes, during which I teetered on the edge of a panic attack, I finally found my pens. Then I forgot where I put the notebook in all of the frustration. Luckily, that was quickly uncovered. It would have been much faster to turn on my damn computer and type up what I wanted. But no. I had to find the pens or my world would fall apart. This made me late for work.

Sometimes I feel like a prisoner.


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