Sunday, November 12, 2006

To be honest, I'm kind of not looking forward to this week. I go straight from work to train w/ Eric. Then Remainders rehearsal. I will need to squeeze in dinner and (maybe) type some PIF notes beforehand. I will not be staying the full 3 hours b/c 1. i have to get up at 4:30 the next day, and 2. i have a lot of PIF notes to post. Tuesday I go straight from work to the last law thing I have to do, which won't be over til 9 or so. Then I drive down to Tucson to pick up zha and bring him back here for a few days. Which means I won't be getting back until the middle of the night. Wednesday I go straight from work to a NITA meeting (I'm doing that again this year--see last year's posts around this time). Thursday I have a chiro appointment. Friday and Sat I have to work and I have sessions with Eric. So, busy week. I'm thinking about taking Wednesday off--at least partially--so I can sleep.

Tonight after the PIF meeting, I went over to my sister's new condo. And finally got to meet Chris (her boyfriend-slash-guy she bought condo with). He was really nice, and their place was quite posh. I'm impressed--both with the boy and her abode. The kid sis done good.

I'm glad I got a nap in today b/c I'm pooped!

Well, off to bed.


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