Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's amazing what an attitude change, some exercise, and eating well does for your mental health! Things have been crazy/stressful at work, but I've been able to handle it much better than last week. Soley because I'm taking care of myself. Wow. I mean, seriously, I can't describe how much I wanted to gouge my eyes out with a spork and fling them at all of these claims piling up, then stab the people around me. But since Saturday, my homicidal tendencies are waning. Hooray! There was only one time I almost snapped. But that was because a fellow employee put candy on my desk not 4 minutes after I explained I wasn't eating candy anymore. She would have totally deserved a small disembowelment.

P.S. Thank you guys for your phone calls and text messages. I promise to return them as soon as I can!


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