Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Dear Green Tea: Why must you be so good for me, yet taste to bad?

Dear Wool: Thank you for being oh-so warm. My finger tips are blue at work, but my arms are nice and toasty.

Yesterday at work I ate so much junk food that I actually didn't want any more. That's saying a lot!

Klutzy move 4872: Walking down the stairs from my second floor apartment, the heel of my shoe gets caught on the stone step. I'm wearing sandals, and the part of my shoe that's stuck is sort of on the inside. As in, when i am standing, my foot rests on that particular area. It takes talent to get the inside of a shoe stuck. Anyway, I fall forward but am able to catch myself before eating cement. It is uber quiet in my complex at 7 in the morning, and the commotion I make could raise the dead.

Heroes: I am glad the pixie girl who's been with Suresh's Annoying Son is working for Cheerleader's Dad. I completely hated her, and kept thinking the only thing that could possibly make her any better is if she's bad. And she is! Maybe she'll kill him and they will have to get a new narrator. Like Hiro!!

I have a bug bite on the inside of my ear. It just started itching an hour ago. Do we have mosquitoes in our building??


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