Thursday, October 26, 2006

where are you? are you at a party or something?
no, i'm in new orleans. remember when we took that tour? the woman who tortured those slaves?
yeah, the ghost tour. that was freaky.
(out of all the stories we heard on that tour, that one is the only one i remember)
i'm right behind a tour group. i'm visiting tatiara.
oh! tell her i said hi!
i will.
so, what are you going to do when you get back to new york?
i'm not going back.
you just up and left?
what did you tell your job?
that i was seriously not going to come in anymore.
(he had quit a while ago, and they didn't really accept it. "why don't you just keep coming in til this project is finished")
wow. good for you. you only live once, you know?
so, what are you going to do?
i don't know. travel for a bit.
well, i hope your travels bring you to AZ. you've always got a place to stay with me.
thanks. i'll probably take you up on that.
man, i have some great places to take you to eat.
i love food.
i know.


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