Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's 8 o'clock. In the morning. On a Saturday. I've already been at work for 3 hours. Straight from here I head to Demons rehearsal. That starts at 10, but I can't get out of here before noon, plus I have to grab lunch. Rehearsal lasts all day. I'm getting paid to stage manage. But I'm really not doing anything, and I totally don't deserve to get paid. I hope it's a *very* small amount. Other than this weekend, I haven't put any time into the play. I had rehearsal last night, but I left at 10 since I had to be up at 4 for work.

I miss improv. I miss my friends. I miss Malibu already. Exactly one week ago I was in the pull-out bed with Courtney trying to sleep with all of the light in the room. I gave up around 9, grabbed a boogie board and some strawberries, and went out to the ocean. The waves weren't breaking soon enough to ride, plus there was a giant rock in the middle, so it wasn't the safest place. I ended up taking the board out decently far and just laying on it, letting the little waves move me around. After a while, I noticed a woman and her daughter on the beach. The mom was exercising, and the girl was playing. It was very cute. I was also glad to have company. See, I have this thing where I don't like to not see what's below me. Occasionally I'd think I would see something in the water swimming, but I convinced myself it was just my imagination. Because if I were to get eaten by a shark, I'd be pretty screwed since no one was with me. I could see the condo from where I was, and it looked like people were up and watching me. That was weird so I swam in and had some strawberries.

I chatted with the mom and daughter for a few minutes. They asked me if I saw the seals. Apparently, the thing I thought was swimming under me was not my imagination, after all. I guess five of them were hanging out watching me, about 10 feet away. I couldn't see them b/c of the angle of the sun on the water, which was a good thing. I most likely would have freaked out. Seals eat their young. I was determined to not get killed on this trip. Anyway, I guess that's what the people on the balcony were watching, as well. The woman said as soon as I swam in, they went away. I went back out again, but no seals this time. So I headed back to the condo. I took my ipod and a towel and laid out on the roof. The seals popped their head out of the water right in front of our condo. That was pretty cool.


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