Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Phoenix Neutrino Project

Saturday - September 16th
The Paper Heart
750 NW Grand Avenue
(7th Avenue & Polk, just north of Van Buren in
Downtown Phoenix)
8pm - $5

What is the Neutrino Project?
It is a movie.
It is an improv performance.
It is coming to Phoenix.

We take a load of local artists, get them all together, put a whole bunch of equipment in their hands, place them in front of an audience, turn them loose on the streets of Phoenix, and then blammo!

As quick as you can watch it, they film, score and produce an hour-long movie right before your pretty little eyes.

It's a movie.
It's improv.
It's The Phoenix Neutrino Project.

The Neutrino Project started in New York in 1999 and has spread across the nation. The newest addition to the Neutrino Nation is the Phoenix Neutrino Project.

The Phoenix Neutrino Projects features improvisors from local improv groups Galapagos, Apollo 12, the Remainders and the Originals (plus special guests), and is directed and produced by Mark Jordan of Galapagos.

Here are two YouTube clips from Phoenix Neutrino Project rehearsals to whet your appetite:

Phoenix Neutrino Gets Nabbed by the Cops -

A Phoenix Neutrino Outtake, "Shoe Phone" -



Hosted By: Phoenix Neutrino Project
When: Saturday Sep 16, 2006
at 8:00 PM
Where: Phoenix Neutrino Project @ The Paper Heart
750 NW Grand Avenue (7th Avenue, just north of Van
Downtown Phoenix, AL 85007
Phoenix Neutrino Project


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