Thursday, September 14, 2006

the copier is jammed. i'm uncannily good at fixing things. so i took the copier apart and removed all of the papers. my work continued printing. then it jammed again. what was happening was that the last step--spitting the paper out--wasn't working. so it jams up 8 different places. i put a note on it letting people know what the problem was. virgil is the one who would be able to fix it (i can't get to the jamming part w/o tools) and he is currently at lunch. but i'm watching 2 ladies attempt to fix it. part of me wants to tell them what the problem is, but that's what the sticky was for.

This happens all the time to me. The last time was when I had to call Cox Communications. I almost had a stroke. Now, I'm a bit computer savvy. I know how to reset my modem. Cox has this automated system that they make you go through before you can even speak to an agent. This took over 20 minutes of the stupid voice prompter telling me how to disconnect and reconnect my cables. I had already done this several times. By the time I got a freaking person on the phone, I was so stinking frustrated. Then the tech had the nerve to ask me if I had tried rebooting. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? It ended up being a problem on their end, and they had to send a tech out to my place to fix it.

When I was 16, my braces were removed. My 12 year bottom right molar was just coming in. The retainer I had at the time had plastic over where my molar was coming in. My orthodontist had to shave off the plastic for the tooth to emerge. But he didn't shave enough off. I pointed this out to him and told him that my tooth was going to grow in crooked b/c the tiny bit of plastic would push it out. He gave me a "Don't-you-tell-me-how-to-do-my-job-you're-16-and-I-went-to-school-for-7-years-for-this" look. Needless to say, my bottom right molar is crooked and I can't stand it. I'm seriously considering invisalign to fix it.

The world makes me insane sometimes.


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