Sunday, June 15, 2008

My sister is walking with my dad in the Englewood Forest Preserve right now. Every Sunday morning we used to go on walks there. I have pictures from when I was 5 with my best friend Matt Hand. Back in 2001 I happened back in my old neighborhood and stopped by his old house. His parents still lived there, and his mom told me he was engaged to a girl named Ashley. I wonder if they ever got married.

After our walk, we'd head to Jim's Donuts. AKA The Best Donuts On The Planet. We'd get a half dozen (mom liked glazed, my favorite is the chocolate covered) and have a huge glass of milk and sit down as a family. We almost always ate dinner together, as well. We'd hold hands around the dinner table and each person would tell what they were thankful for that day. If I ever have a family, I want to do that. As an adult, I look back on my childhood and feel pretty damn lucky, and I'd like to be able to pass that along.

So, in that tradition, I'm thankful for my dad. I'm glad Lindz is in OH and able to spend Father's Day with him. I'm thankful he's been so supportive of me (though it took until my senior thesis in college for him to let go of his dream for me to be an engineer! :-p). I'm thankful he's been such an amazing role model and loving father. I'm happy in the moments I make him proud, and I hope to continue doing so.

Dad, I love you. Thanks for being so awesome.


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