Sunday, November 11, 2007

This bird is tired.

Spent the night with Courtney Thursday for some girly time. All of the sudden it was 3 am. Friday saw Opening Night then headed back to Court's to hear about zha's week in basic training. Last night saw Moxie in the Dick Box, then went to Velvet Margarita to celebrate Chris's 32nd b-day. Wanted to chop off my feet on the walk back to the car at 1:30. Going to start packing flip-flops in my purse. Will be up til midnight tonight working. Tomorrow: up at 6:30 for knee appointment. Work all day, then Armando that night. Herb, the coolest old man audience member, was asked to be the monologist. Tuesday = work all day, class that night. Taking Scot's as a make up b/c I'm heading to AZ Wednesday morning after dropping Faith at the airport at 5 am. Drive for 6 hours, say hello to my parents, then hopefully take a delightful nap. Goals while in AZ: Oreganos for a pazookie and boom dip, Pita Jungle for garlic dip, an appointment with Olympia (!), and an improv show someplace. Not sure what the schedule is with the fam, but hopefully I can do those things. Hooray!


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