Saturday, November 03, 2007

4 more personal training sessions, then I'm done. I've had trainers for the past 4 years. Not continuously, but more often then not. I've decided that I no longer need one. I'm in a pretty regular exercise routine, and I know what I'm doing, so I'm gonna save that $150/month.

Actually, I'm probably going to spend it on rehab. Monday I have an appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. I'm really nervous. I've pretty much succumbed to the fact that I will need surgery. Two + years ago I went to one in PHX. He put me in rehab for 3 months as a preemptive strike. If my muscles didn't start naturally pulling my kneecap back into place, then we would go the surgery route. But the follow up was lame and I didn't like the guy and never went back. Then I switched jobs and became incredibly busy and just never went back. But now I'm almost 30 and feel like my knees are falling apart. So, I'm going Monday morning and am very nervous. Mainly because I don't want to miss any improv. But also because I don't want to have surgery. Yes, it will be minor and the healing process will be fast, but pain and I do not get along. And I don't want to be all hopped up on painkillers, as that will affect my ability to work. Right now I need to work as much as possible. I have a huge credit card bill to pay off, which is going to take months, plus Christmas and birthdays are coming up, which is just going to add to the debt.

Faith hung out with a guy a couple of nights ago (I'm not a fan of him), and finally with Dave Hill last night (I *am* a fan of him). I'm trying to be supportive of her love life, but I'm really cynical right now, so I'm not the best one to listen to gush.

Tonight is Kenny's costume-slash-house-warming party. Looking forward to that. Will post pictures of my costume soon. Went as Alexis Carrington Colby--Joan Collins from Dynasty. I looked fantastic.


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