Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I just listened to this message from my dad:

28 years ago in about an hour from now you and I set out from 4311 Parkview Drive for your first night of trick-or-treating. You were not, obviously, quite two years old. And it was kind of a cool night 'cause you were wearing your little winter tan coat that had a hood on it. And I think if I remember correctly we had a little mask for you to wear. And you were carrying the orange plastic pumpkin into which your candy was to be deposited and you were so short that as you walked along carrying your pumpkin it barely cleared the ground. In other words each time your arms swung, it almost hit the ground. As we got to each house I would lean down to you and say, "Say trick-or-treat." And you never said anything. You were just so overwhelmed by the experience you were speechless. And I honest-to-god think that's probably the last time you have ever been speechless in your entire life. It was a wonderful evening and just the start of many, many, many wonderful memories with you. And so I wanted to call and share that with you; see if you remembered it. (laughs) Love you honey, take care. Give us a call when you get a chance.

It took me several listenings to transcribe it completely. I never want to forget this.


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