Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lots of exciting thing today:

My robe came!!! I ordered this robe a couple of weeks ago and I am wearing it now! It is the softest robe and I am a very happy camper.

Tonight is TJ & Dave @ iO. A few years ago when I went to visit the kids in Chicago, all Specht would talk about was how great TJ & Dave were and how that would be the first thing we all do when I get there. That's what I heard every day for the entire week prior to my arrival. And then their show sold out and I didn't get to see it. Tonight I have a chance.

Last night Faith and I went to iO for the Armando. Angela Kinsey was the monologist. It was a wonderful show. Then Faith, Buol, Jeff Pasino, and I had 2-4-1 margaritas. I managed to shatter a glass and cut my finger. Then we made friends with this great girl in the bathroom. We went to Mel's Diner at 1 in the morning for delicious shakes. Didn't get to bed til around 3. Didn't make spinning this morning. Wanted to see harold competitions tonight, but I must work since I've been a lazy slacker all day and didn't work a lick once Faith got home yesterday. I was all set to hit 300 claims this week. I'll be lucky if I get 250.

Level 2 with Mike Bertrando starts tomorrow. Faith is also taking Level 1 with Scot. Hopefully he'll be there for more than 50% of the classes-which is how much I had him.

I am so tired and claims are going so slowly today. Wish TJ&Dave were another day so I could sleep tonight.


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