Sunday, November 11, 2007

My diet of booze and pizza the past couple of days has helped me lose a pound and a half.

I saw pink boxing gloves in a store yesterday and thought of Michelle.

Friday I learned an important lesson at my first gig through LA Casting. I'm only applying for paid work b/c I really am not looking for a film/television career, but thought, hey, if I can make an extra grand on my day off, why not? The pay for this particular item was TBD. Lesson: Find out the price before you agree to the role. TBD = zero. Granted, it was close to my house and was about an hour and a half when it was all said and done, but still.

Now I'm off to a photo shoot where I don't get paid. The trade off is that I'm getting free headshots to help a girl build her portfolio. That's about a $200 trade off. Another up side is that it's in Santa Monica, so I'm going to hit the beach for a minute. Just to say hello to the ocean.


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