Monday, December 11, 2006

Nothing turned out tonight like it was supposed to, but I had so much fun! I have to go to bed now.

I love who I live with!

It all started with a shitty day at work. Now, I try not to curse. But this is really the only way to describe my day. So much to do and my phone wouldn't stop ringing. I couldn't get anything done. I left after 8 hours b/c I couldn't take it anymore. I wanted to stay for another hour, but I just couldn't. Daryl made fun of me as I was leaving.

"You better go home. You've got a lot of work ahead of you. Gotta do your hair. Makeup, girl."

He was referring to the Big City Rock concert tonight. I'm a very low maintenance girl. I don't wear much--if any--makeup. But tonight I thought I'd throw on a little powder. So, I come home after a short trip to the grocery store to find Faith in a sullen mood.

"I just broke up with Chris."

Leapin' Lizards!! She loves him. She wants to marry him. But he's been back and forth about whether he wants to be with her enough times that she went ahead and made the decision for him. This breaks my heart. I really love Chris. He's a great man. But Faith deserves someone who will love her, faults and all. So I invite her to come out with Cassy and I to the concert. She says yes. Things are back on track and starting to look up.

I guess I should mention I have a new roommate now. It is so much fun living with him. Again. For anonymity's sake, let us refer to him as The Magician (thank you, Hagrid!). OK, so TM comes home and Faith is in her room. He talks with me as I get ready. I put a little foundation on an out of control zit living on my chin. Why stop there? So I do up the whole shebang. Hair and makeup lookin' good. Faith invites TM to come with us. He agrees. As we are skipping out of the apartment, I note that this is our first night with the three of us hanging out. Faith notes that we are like Three's Company. What fun!

We have to stop by two banks and a grocery store (technically, the second bank was *in* the grocery store) to get cash and water and batteries for my camera. My camera. Ah, my camera. I get the batteries, only to learn that my camera is broken. If only it was after Christmas. My parents are getting me a digital video camera, which does me no good now. I am very upset about my camera. So we stop at a gas station to buy a $10 disposable one. Forcing me to spend money. Grr. We get to The Clubhouse in Tempe, and Big City Rock is not playing. They got snowed in wherever they were and couldn't make it. GRRRROOOWWWLLLLLLLLLLLL!

Faith suggests we eat at Pita Jungle, which I wanted to take TM to last time he was in town, but didn't have enough time. That was fun. We talk about movies, and Faith and I are pretty much going to make TM film all of our dumb ideas. Since I now have this crappy film camera, we take a picture with our waiter. I'm sure it will turn out horribly--all chins or foreheads. But whatever. Then we go to Kmart because Faith wants to buy a tree. We're there for a while, and had muchos fun times. More pictures are taken.

Now I'm back at home. Faith is putting up the tree. TM is doing calculus for fun. I am falling asleep at the computer. So, although things didn't work out the way I had planned, I really enjoyed spending time with my roommates. We had a crazy fun tonight.

*happy sigh*


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