Tuesday, November 28, 2006

My sister and I are very different people. To explain our differences, I used to use the story about the night before my dad had his heart surgery a few summers ago. We said our goodbyes at the hospital (b/c there was a not-small chance that he wouldn't survive the surgery), and Lindsay, my mom, and I went home. My mom went straight to bed, I went straight for the chocolate cake, and Lindz went straight for her running shoes. The girl jogged for an hour.

That *used* to be my illistration for how different we are. This will be my new one:

My folks are in town this week. The four of us went out to eat with Nancy and Bob. At the end of dinner, Lindsay got her purse out.

Nancy: "Ohh...is it real?"
Lindsay: "Yes. And it wasn't that expensive."
Nancy: "Ohh...can I touch?"

Nancy was referring to my sister's Louis Vuitton purse. (FYI: I had to look up the spelling on the internet)

Me: "So, how much is 'not that expensive'?"
Lindsay: "$600."
*eyes begin to water**starts choking on tongue* Me: "YOU SPENT $600 ON A PURSE?!!?"
Linsday: "No. Chris spent $600 on a purse."


On. A. Purse.


As we were leaving the restaurant, my mom complimented me on my incredibly cute shoes.

Me: "Thanks, Mom. They were $15 at Kmart."

Dear Future Husband: If you ever spend $600 on one single gift for me, it better be a plane ticket to Hawaii.


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