Thursday, September 21, 2006

Work has been tedious the past couple of days. I'm having to batch and log hundreds of claims in preparation for actually being trained on how to process them. Bo-RING. Luckily, Hagrid is keeping me entertained with the following (p.s. this came out of nowhere. just a random couple of emails):

Here is my prediction on "Ashley and Love". Ashley will meet a guy who she will "slowly" realize over time, with confidence, that she is in love with him and visa versa. They will marry, have baby(s), and open their own theatre/coffee shop while attracting big talent that want to "reconnect" to their craft.

Alternate prediction on "Ashley and Love". Ashley will make her move to L.A. and at once land the best roles of her life while performing improv with Jack McBrayer and others. Many men will be tossed into the trash heap as she burns through her voracious thirst for life and love. She will eventually marry an up and coming director from Wales, live in a castle and star in "Chicago" with Jude Law for as long as she desires. Then she will have baby(s), open an theatre/coffee shop which will be a refuge to big talent that want to reconnect to their craft.

I like how they both end with me opening a coffee shop. :-)


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