Monday, September 25, 2006

I am going out of town once again in a few weeks. This time to Malibu!! I cannot express how freakin' excited I am about this trip. Caroline and Noor have rented a beach house the past coupla years over Labor Day Weekend. Well, this Labor Day I was in Austin. So I dropped Caroline a note a while ago asking how the weekend was. She said they hadn't done it yet and asked if I wanted in on a room--they had two spots left. Heck yes, I did! And the last person to fill it up is zha! Which means I finally get to meet Mike Sandow, his BFF from film school. Three days in an ocean view condo with a private beach. Um, this is going to be great. Too cold to surf, but not too cold to sit on the beach and be happy with the waves. That Saturday night is the party, which includes a lot of industry people. So this will be my first Hollywood Schmoozefest. I'm looking forward to meeting all sorts of people. And, to be quite honest, I'm also looking forward to hanging out with Foxy Boy, as he will be there, too.

Michelle, this calls for a new outfit. Yes, I am willing to spend money. And I need your help. :-)


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