Sunday, December 23, 2001

I took a bubble bath last night to de-stress from all of the crazy holiday shopping. See, I work in retail. So it kind of sucks this time of year. However, I also work on commission, which doesn't suck so much. Lately I've been trying not to neglect my social life, so I neglect my sleep instead. I was supposed to go to Cory's last night for a small get-together, but didn't. After my bath, I decided to lay down for a while, because I seriously thought I was going to ralph up all of the chocolate from that day. I crawled straight from my hot bath into my cozy bed at around 9. At 10 Cory called to see if I was coming over, and I told him no. Then I thought, "I should do my dishes. But I'll nap for a bit more and do them in a sec." I woke up 9 hours later. And I feel great. So refreshed. Even though my dishes are grossing me out, I will be able to get through my 9 1/2 hour work day. I'll do the dishes tonight.


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