Sunday, October 28, 2001

A new experience: using my body to get what I want. I've never done that before--for many reasons--but last week I decided to give it a try. Paul is with his new girlfriend, but we still hang out. Not much, since I've been doing the whole school-work-rehearsal thing, but last week we went dancing. (Mom and Dad, this is the part where you should just stop reading. Seriously. Let me remain your little girl.) He has this thing with me and corsets, so I wore one that night to make him drool. And he did. And he went home with me. Plus I got a free drink from the bartender. And one guy told me I was breathtaking. Hey, it was a line, but no one has ever used it on me before. Let me enjoy my moment, people. The next night I did a photo shoot with zha in the same outfit. The pictures turned out great, plus we had fun. I had originally wanted to see "K-PAX" that night, but it didn't come out until the next week, so we took photos instead.

OK, so Halloween. I knew I had this outfit that I looked great in, but I didn't quite know what to be. I could be Trinity, but she's more of a pants girl. I could carry around a stick and be Buffy. I could buy those cool fangs that mold to your teeth and be a vampire. But none of these seemed original. I had the t.v. on for background noise one day and saw a commercial. It was decided. I would be Eva Savealot. Friday at work Miriah helped me make my 1-800-COLLECT badge. It was fabulous. So I went to the party. I was there a little early to hang out with Lorianne, when who should be there? Foxy Boy. And sometimes you just need a hook-up. (Hey, parents, if you've come this far, you may as well finish it off) So we pretty much hang out for the evening. He pulls the old, "What happened to you this summer? You just sort of disappeared." I, of course, did not let him get away with it. "Yeah, I got tired of waiting for you to never return my calls. So, are we going to make out for old time's sake or what?" There were still a lot of people at the party when I decided to go. I found Lorianne, told her I was going to make out with Foxy Boy, then go home--but I'd say 'bye before I left. She laughed. Foxy Boy and I are upstairs in the hallway, trying to be discrete, but people keep coming up to use the bathroom, or are going in and out of the other rooms. So it was pretty intense. We could only kiss for a second or two before having to stop. At this point I'm really tired, and I know I have a 10 hour work day ahead of me, plus two more parties the next night. So I get my stuff to go and say 'bye to Lorianne. She askes me if I'm going home with my pal. I say no, I'm going to bed. So Foxy Boy brings me to his car. "Look, I have to get some sleep. I cannot go home with you tonight." So he drives me five cars down to where I'm parked. And turns off his car. So I'm thinking, "I'm not making out with this boy in his car." So we make out in his car. And he comes home with me. Next night, new party. New people. I'm tired, so I don't stay long. Plus I had work and rehearsal the next day, then a test on Monday. So no action. But it was fun to tease people. And everyone loved the costume. Not just for the cleavage aspect; they really liked my character.

Moral of story: corsets are good. I'm never taking that outfit off. I think Foxy Boy is back.


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