Monday, October 29, 2001

Tonight was the most fun I've had at rehearsal yet. First off, Tosha and I had to go to Cinci at 4:30 for a costume fitting (reminder--we open on Thursday), so we carpooled. The fitting didn't last long, so we had two hours to kill before rehearsal. For my last fitting, Adrienne and I got together for dinner and shopping. Somehow I was able to find the same place we ate, and Tosh and I walked around for a while. It was so much fun. I don't have many close friends (they keep moving away from me), and it was a ball to be able to have the kind of conversation with Tosha I haven't been able to have in a while. So, we're in this crazy mood and we go to rehearsal. And it turns out everyone else smoked crack, too. In short, the show was the best it's ever been. Nicholas even said, "Whatever you all ate for dinner, do that again." Then we had to load out in preperation for tomorrow--we're in the Aronoff Center for the first time. Did I mention we open in less than two days? Tomorrow will be our first time with the set doing full set changes, in costume and makeup. I'm trying hard not to stress. Oh, and our sound designer backed out. Yikes! But other than that, we spent most of the night trying not to laugh so hard as to disturb those who were onstage. Something I bought: "Where the Wild Things Are" magnets!! Do you remember that book? Yea for random store finds.


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