Thursday, November 08, 2001

It was raining a bit as I made my way to the highway. I was meeting Tosha in Springboro so we could carpool to the show tonight, and I wanted to be early so I could eat and stretch out. As I was rounding a corner, I didn't see how far out the curb was. Good lord did I nail it--and completely blew my tire. Crap. Now I'm going to be late. I called Tosh to tell her, and she decided to come up to Dayton to help. Or at least stand by the single girl changing her tire alone in a not-so-good part of town. I started to change the tire when I realized the bolts had rusted on. I'm practically jumping on the tire iron when a random guy asks if I need help. I have my cell phone on me, plus it's a high traffic area, so I accept. God bless Kevin. Tosha pulled up shortly after we finally got the bolts to move. After a long time we got the flat off and tried to put the spare on. But I was on a bit of a hill and the jack wouldn't go up anymore. So we had to let out a lot (read: almost all) of the air from the spare tire--which, by the way, was actually a real tire, not a piece of poo. When we put the car back down, we realized just how much of the air was gone and needed to fill it up immediately. So we thank Kevin profusely and Tosha follows me to the nearest gas station. I pull up to the air filler-upper and read a lovely sign: "Out of Order." I go in and ask where the nearest gas station is that has WORKING air, and the attendent says about two miles south. South is on the way. That's good. But I'm practically driving on the rim of my car and should definitely NOT go any farther. That's bad. A man named Carl overhears my situation and shows me a product the gas station sells that is basically like compressed air and will get me down the road.

Can I just say: THANK YOU KEVIN AND CARL!!! You guys will never know how much you helped me and how much I appreciate it.

OK, so we get to the good gas station and fill the tire up and head down to Cincinnati. Now, last week, a cast member slept so long he missed the call time, and we had to hold the show for almost half-an-hour. Tosha and I were making great time when we ran into huge amounts of traffic. But, eventually we made it to the theatre and hauled ass backstage to get ready. Unfortunately, I open the show. With Matthew, he doesn't come on til part-way through the first act, so as soon as he showed up, we were able to start. Sunshine had laid out our clothes (thankyouthankyouthankyou), which helped a lot. The show went well, and quick.

Going home. I had needed gas, but knew I had enough to get me to Cinci and back. When we hit that traffic jam, I realized I needed to fill up as soon as I could. So I was able to get a mile away from the next exit with gas when my car died. Tosha called me shortly after I pulled over and asked what was wrong. She had passed me and saw I was in trouble again. Luckily, my mom bought this emergency gasoline-type stuff to keep in all of our cars. You all should own one. One of those containers will get you ten miles. And it's not flammable, so it's safe to store in your car. I asked Tosh if she would stay at the gas station until I got there, just to make sure. She did. A big THANK YOU to her for coming through for me two times in one night.

I now have to go to bed because I work in the morning, then drive straight to the show.

What did we learn?
1) If anything can go wrong, it will
2) Kevin and Carl rock my world
3) Buy that emergency gas stuff for your car
4) God likes me (the rain stopped just as I was getting out of my car to change the tire)
5) Be friends with Tosha


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