Tuesday, April 14, 2009


It's 5am. Saturday. Oh no! I missed my doctor's, dentist's and hair appointments! I missed my meeting at work! I'm on thin ice as it is, and surely I'll get fired after this. My mind raced with my options. OK, I'll just stay in AZ for another couple of days. I'll go into work first thing Monday morning. Why didn't Marlynn call to see why I wasn't there? If I have to, I can find a doctor and dentist in CA. I can call David today since he's open on the weekend and get scheduled for Monday. I won't be able to try the doctor & dentist til Monday morning, as they're closed on the weekend. Crap! I was supposed to have dinner with Paul Thursday night and I missed that, too!

I smacked my forehead with my palm. That startled me. I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. This was not my aunt and uncle's house. This was not my sister's living room. This was my ceiling in California. It wasn't Saturday. It's Tuesday. I haven't left yet. I haven't missed anything. It's gonna be OK.

What a way to wake up.


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