Sunday, April 05, 2009

"As long as I can keep up my work out regimen, I'll be fine." That's how I ended the last post. And then a week goes by and I've been to the gym once. All because I decided to start reading Harry Potter again. Books 1-4 were finished in 5 days. I seriously have been reading non-stop. Ben S and I are getting together today to go hiking, which will be lots of fun. He let me pick our activity, and I chose that over lunch b/c I basically haven't moved in a week.

Well, I'm done with my first week of the meal plan. I've never had so many veggies in my life! My parents are thrilled. Carrots and sugar snap peas and grean and wax beans and lots of broccoli. It's so great. I'm not hungry, and I basically eat all day. Breakfast, soy snack, lunch, soy snack, dinner. Yesterday's afternoon snack was a sugar free cheesecake the size of a cupcake. The crust was made of crushed almonds instead of sugary graham crackers. How great is that?! It was very tastey and definitely satisfied a sweet craving. I've just never had this much variety in my life. My body is getting all sorts of vitamins that it's not had before, and I feel amazing. I have a lot of energy, I'm getting good rest. I'm not snacking. I love it. If I can afford it, I'll probably just keep having meals delivered until I have a family to take care of. It's like having my own personal gourmet chef!


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